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As the Israel-Hamas Conflict Escalates, The World Watches with Bated Breath as Life is Lost on Either Side of the Border

As the Israel-Hamas conflict continues to rise despite attempted temporary ceasefires and international intervention to conduct peace talks, Israel recently made headlines again after it carried out an airstrike on a car. It was reported that the car was carrying a freelance journalist who also actively worked as a journalist for Al-Jazeera. The journalist is also reported to have contributed to France’s AFP newswire.

Apart from him, there was another journalist who was accompanying him in the car when the attack took place. The two journalists have been identified as Hamza Dahdouh and Mustafa Thuraya respectively. Dahdouh, along with a third passenger accompanying the two journalists, was killed in the air strike. This third passenger was later identified as Hazem Rajab.

Covering the War

The prominent journalist Hamza Dahdouh was the son of Wael Dahdouh, the news organization’s bureau chief in Gaza. It was reported that Wael Dahdouh had also sustained injuries in a strike that was carried earlier this year in December. According to multiple news reports and articles that are being released regarding this incident, Hamza Dahdouh and his colleague, Mustafa Thuraya, were traveling to meet and interview civilians who had been forced to evacuate from their residential houses in Gaza after Israel’s bombing in Gaza strip began earlier this year.

On the day Hamza Dahdouh was buried, Wael Dahdouh addressed the media, remembering his son as the “soul of my soul.” Wael Dahdouh was quoted saying: “These are the tears of parting and loss, the tears of humanity.” Al-Jazeera also came forwards and aggressively condemned the attack by releasing an official statement that stated that the killing of journalists should be reacted upon with “immediate necessary legal measures” against the forces that carried out the attack, in order to “ensure that there is no impunity.” The Committee to protect Journalists had also previously targeted Israel’s “war” on Hamas for its “record toll” on journalists.

The increasing number of journalists that have died ever since the Israel-Hamas conflict started has made it extremely difficult for media houses across the globe to document and deliver the entirety of the conflict to the global audience. Based on various news reports and articles, approximately 68 journalists have been killed since the last ceasefire broke at around mid-December. A similar case had made headlines in the year of 2022, when a Palestinian-American reporter Shireen Abu Akleh was shot by an Israeli soldier under a raid that was carried out against a refugee camp in the West Bank, Palestine.

What to Believe and What Not to Believe 

Various news outlets across the world have covered the Israel-Hamas conflict, with the world stage being divided between the two participants. While some countries have aggressively supported Hamas, others have come out in support of Israel. The Israel-Hamas conflict began when on 7th October 2023, Israeli skies lit up with approximately 3,000 rockets launched by Hamas, while simultaneously vehicle-transported and powered paraglider incursions entered the Israeli soil. Hamas fighters breached the Gaza-Israel barrier, attacking the unsuspecting Israeli civilian communities and military bases, as well as a music festival that was being held near Re’im.

This surprise attack resulted in 1,139 deaths – 695 Israeli civilians (including 36 children), 71 foreign nationals, and 373 members of the security forces. Approximately 250 Israeli civilians and soldiers were taken as hostages to the Gaza strip, including 30 children, with Hamas demanding the release of Palestinian prisoners as the price of their freedom. Graphic videos and images of the hostages were also leaked online, with international media confirming rape and sexual assault on hostages by Hamas fighters, which Hamas has firmly denied.

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