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As Tensions Between North and South Korea Increase, Kim Jong Un Dissolves ‘South-Friendly’ Organizations  

According to recent reports published by The Associated Press, North Korea’s current leader, Kim Jong Un recently dismantled North Korean government organizations that were responsible for managing relations with the country’s neighbour and long-time ‘enemy’ South Korea. This decision was implemented due to increasing hostility and mistrust between the two sovereign nations.

According to this report, this decision to dissolve these agencies was finalized during a meeting of North Korea’s rubber-stamp Parliament on Monday. North Korea’s official news outlet, known as Korean Central News Agency, was the first news outlet that released this news to the regional and global audience.

North Korea Vs South Korea 

Kim Jong un himself was present at this meeting. During his speech at this meeting, Kim took an aggressive stance towards South Korea and the United States of America. He was witnessed saying that the reason why hostilities are again increasing between North and South Korea is because of the United States’ constant interference in their bilateral relations.

He was also quoted saying that there is no possibility of a peaceful reunification of the neighboring countries, a dream that a lot of people on either side of the border have harbored for years now.

Kim’s decision to dissolve the agencies responsible for maintaining relations with neighbor South Korea was seen as a major step back since in the past, Kim Jong Un has been very vocal about his decision to not reunite with South Korea. He was quoted saying that any move to reconcile with the ‘rival’ nation would be a grave ‘mistake.’ North Korea’s increasing hostility towards South Korea has jeopardized the region’s stability, with the South Korean government constantly being threatened by a ‘nuclear war’ by its neighbor.

The Korean Central News Agency has also reported how at the meeting, the North Korean dictator had urged the assembly members to reframe and rewrite North Korea’s current constitution in its next sitting to officially label South Korea as North’s “No. 1 hostile country.”

New Conflict?

The Supreme People’s Assembly also released an official statement, stating that the two Korean nations are currently engaged in an ‘acute confrontation.’ The statement also delivered a clear message across the globe, the North Korean leadership do not see the nation of South Korea as a favorable diplomatic partner.

In the meeting, the following agencies/organizations were effectively dissolved:

-The National Economic Cooperation Bureau

-The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country

-The [Mount Kumgang] International Tourism Administration.

The regional and global press was especially focused on the abolition of the National Economic Cooperation Bureau and the Mount Kumgang International Tourism Administration, since both of these organizations were responsible for carrying out joint economic and tourism projects between North and South Korea, especially during the 2000s when the two countries had, for a brief period of time, reconciled. But with hostilities on the increase between the two nations during the recent years, these organizations were halted.

Tensions in the region have heavily escalated in the previous months as the North Korean authority continues to carry out missile tests at the North-South Korea border. In addition to this, the South Korean government has also expanded its joint military with the United States, which further heightened the tensions amongst the two Koreas.

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