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As South California Struggles with Increasing Number of Road Accidents, Families of Victims are Left Behind in the Dust to Mourn their Loved Ones

South California is notoriously famous for having severe road accidents, many of which lead to victims losing their lives. In a series of unfortunate events, three families residing in South California are grieving their family members who recently fell victim to horrendous car accidents.

Norma Garcia is grieving the death of her brother, Francisco Garcia, 45, who was killed after being struck three times by three different vehicles in what was one of the most graphic hit-and-run accidents observed in Pacoima.

A “Road Rage” Pandemic 

According to a surveillance video released by the Los Angeles Police Department, the incident took place on January 12th, 2024. As it was seen in the video, Francisco was crossing the street just before midnight on the 9800 block of San Fernando Road when out of the blue, a speeding white pickup truck came down the road, ramming straight into Francisco.

Francisco was shoved down the ground from the impact. The video then showed him struggling to get up before being hit by a second car, which directly hurled him onto the oncoming traffic. As Francisco lies amidst the ongoing traffic, he struck for a third time by another vehicle. The video footage showed that none of the drivers stopped to check up on Francisco.

However, Norma is not alone in this grief. On December 29th, 2023, Jessica Ramirez’s son, James Ramirez, aged 20, was crossing the street near the intersection of Pico Boulevard and Westmoreland Avenue in L.A’s Pico-Union neighborhood when a speeding driver rammed straight into him. The driver fled the scene without stopping to check up on Ramirez.

Although Ramirez survived the crash, he continues to struggle for his life in the hospital. According to the surveillance video obtained by the authorities, the vehicle was identified as a four-door Dodge charger.

3 accidents, Countless Victims 

In addition to these two heart wrenching cases, the residents of South California were also reported about the horrific accident of 72-year-old Gumercindo Gonzalez, which occurred on January 10th, 2024. According to statements released by the authorities, the elderly citizen was struck by a speeding vehicle while crossing the street in Carson.

It was reported that Gonzalez was using the crosswalk situated at the Santa Fe Avenue and East Dominguez Street when a speeding, dark grey sedan made a sudden U-turn before hitting Gonzalez. Although Gonzalez survived the accident, he remains in critical condition at the hospital.

For these victims and their families, justice remains to be a dream in a far-off land. As two victims fight for their lives and one rests on the other side of the bridge, their families and authorities try their best to bring them the justice that they deserve.

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