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As Lloyd Austin Recovers From Surgery: Biden Administration Comes Under Fire For Ignorance

As January 7th rolled around, media houses and social media platforms across the United States started buzzing with Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin’s sudden hospitalization. Austin’s health and hospitalization was kept a secret by the US authorities and government.

The mysterious nature of the situation rippled deep concerns across the nation, with some key political figures entering the public field, and targeting President Joe Biden. Biden, over the course of Austin’s hospitalization, has been heavily criticized for not being aware of Austin’s absence over the days that led to his hospitalization.

Missing Leader, Unaware Troops

The news of Lloyd Austin’s jeopardized health was released to the public by the Pentagon. The Pentagon announced to the public that the senor defence official was currently under recovery at Walter Reed Medical Center, which is situated in Maryland. The cause of his ill health has not been revealed directly. Officials were seen quoting it as him experiencing “complications following a recent elective medical procedure.” The Pentagon further revealed that Austin was admitted to the center, four days prior to the start of the new year.

When asked about Biden’s unawareness regarding the situation, the White House refused to register any official statement. As the news of Austin’s sudden hospitalization was released to the public, a lot of media outlets came out with several news articles/reports, claiming the official was now admitted to the intensive care unit of the medical center. The Pentagon reported that Austin officially resumed his duties from January 5th, Friday, from the hospital.

Soon after the Pentagon acknowledged Austin’s hospitalization on Friday, the internet was swarmed with several media reports, claiming that the White House was not informed of Austin’s absence for almost three days. Several citizens, political leaders, and government officials saw this as a major threat to the nation’s security as the Pentagon had also announced the government’ decision to execute an air strike on Baghdad, without passing on the information that Austin won’t be a part of it.


A National Security Blunder 

Influential political figures like Mike Pence, former vice president of the United States, called out Biden’s negligence and the lack of disclosure around Austin’s hospitalization as a “dereliction of duty.” Media reports and articles were filled with politicians and citizens criticizing the Biden administration for their ignorance and lack of efficient management.

President Joe Biden is yet to acknowledge the reports released by the Pentagon. The New York Times was seen citing a US government official, who disclosed that President Biden and Austin communicated via phone on Saturday. In addition to this, another government official said that the President expressed his confidence in his Defense Secretary, wishing him a speedy recovery.

Lloyd Austin himself addressed the ongoing media reports and expressed his displeasure at how things had been handled. He released a statement, saying that he could have better informed the public about his sudden disappearance, adding that he takes complete responsibility for his decisions. He assured the media and the public that in case something similar happens in the future, effective measures will be carried out in order to better inform the public.


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