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As ‘Lethal’ Children’s Toys Continue to Roam the US Market, Texas Authorities Issue A ‘Severe Warning’ for Parents Across the State

For every parent, their worst nightmare is harm befalling on their kid. Unfortunately, for parents of Houston, Texas, this nightmare turned into a reality. This week, state government issued a severe warning to residents of Houston, Texas, including the rest of the Lone Star State, about a list of popular magnetic toys for children that have been circulating in the market for a while now.

Ever since the distribution of this toy, the state government has recorded at least seven deaths, in addition to hundreds of children being admitted to different state hospitals across the state. In order to prevent anymore casualties, the state government has ordered immediate return/removal of the toy from all the sellers and buyers.

CPSC’s ‘Severe Warning’ for Magnetic Toys 

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued several warnings this week over a list of children’s toys that contain small, yet high-powered magnetic balls that pose imminent threat to children. According to reports published by government officials, seven children lost their lives after they unknowingly swallowed the harmful balls, while thousands of children were rushed to hospitals across the state in critical conditions.

Over the course of 2017 to 2021, the CPSC has calculated that a total of 2,400 magnet ingestions were treated in emergency departments in hospitals across the state. A total of seven deaths were recorded by the authorities, two of which were reported from outside of the United States.

According to a test conducted by the CPSC, it was discovered that the magnetic ball sets are stronger than the allowed/legal margin. Furthermore, it was found out that these highly magnetic balls were small enough to fit within the CPSC’s small parts test cylinder, which is approximately the same size of a young child’s throat.

The state government issued an immediate recall on Thursday for one of the listed products, XpressGoods’ “Colorful Metal Neodymium Magic Magnetic Balls – 8 colors, 5mm.”

The consumer safety agency stated anyone who possessed this product should immediately distance themselves and their children from the magnetic balls, and contact XpressGoods to receive a prepaid label. This label will help the customers return the product and be eligible for a complete refund or store credit.

Responsibility or Money?

Apart from this particular product, similar warnings were issued by the CPSC this week for other products that are currently being sold in the market. They include Magic QQ’s 216-Piece Mixed Color Magnetic Ball Sets, Allvre’s 216-Piece 5mm Magnetic Ball Sets, Sunny House’s 125-Piece 5mm Mixed Color Magnetic Ball Sets, and Ming Tai Trade’s 216-Piece 5mm Magnetic Ball Sets. According to government records, at least four of these products are sold exclusively on All of these toys have originated from China.

In addition to these products, a separate warning was issued about Carrara Magnetic Ball Sets, which were found to be sold online at This toy is manufactured by MXN Commerce Incorporation, a company based in South Korea.

Although the CPSC said it has already issued a “Notice of Violation” to the sellers of the aforementioned toy products, but it was noted that an overwhelming majority of the companies that sold these products refused to recall their magnetic ball sets or offer an alternative to customers.  Temu however, came forward, and acknowledged the severity of the situation. The company decided to permanently ban the merchants who sold the aforementioned products from their platform.


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