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As Biden’s Strategies to Control Iran Backfire, the World Gears Up for a Possible Nuclear Threat

Ever since President Biden took the Office, he and his administration have been very vocal about containing and de-escalating Iran’s state-sponsored terrorism.

However, recent developments have shown us that none of Biden administration’s strategies have worked since Teran is inching closer and closer to becoming a nuclear power.

Experts and analysts have pointed out Biden’s strategies to falter Iran’s state-sponsored terrorism through economic pressures and imposed oil sanctions have done virtually nothing.

According to a confidential report released by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran had “increased its production of highly enriched uranium,” in comparison to 2023. This report also estimated that 90% of this uranium is “weapons grade.”

An Unstable Nuclear State

UN officials have also raised concerns regarding this development. According to official UN reports, Tehran now possess all the facilities that a nation needs to build its own nuclear weaponry.

The terrorist-funding nation now has enough “weapon-grade” uranium to construct its own nuclear weapons, something that seemed like a distant dream in the past.

This development has caused humanitarian concerns all over the globe. The stability of the Middle East region will be heavily impacted by this since the region heavily suffers from conflicts that are directly caused by terror groups that are funded by the Iranian government.

As the Israel-Hamas war continues to go on, Hezbollah terrorists have been predominantly active in the Middle East region. The terrorist group continues to carry out missile strikes against Israel, with Israel fighting back by conducting air strikes of its own.

As the war rages on, experts fear that this war can spread further along to the Israel-Lebanon border. The Red Sea has seen similar hikes in violence has Houthi rebels disrupt the supply lines along the region. The United States and the UK have introduced their military ships in the war-stricken region and are conducting airstrikes against the terrorist group in an effort to control the terrorist activities.

War, Sanctions, and a Looming Threat

Both of these terrorist groups are backed by the Iranian government and have justified their attacks as a show of solidarity for Hamas. Even though Houthis have been delisted as a terrorist organization, the recent developments could place the group back in the list of US recognized terrorists.

The Israel-Hamas war, in addition to the continued terror activities of the aforementioned terrorist groups, have been proof enough that Iran cannot be trusted with nuclear weaponry.

Experts and analysts across the globe have suggested a more aggressive approach in order to control the situation.

National experts have advised the Biden administration to restart a diplomatic pressure campaign under which international countries, including the US, will place terror sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as the terrorist groups that the Iranian government finances.

Multiple countries across the West have not sanctioned the three Iran-based terror groups (Hamas, Hezbollah, and Houthis), which has allowed these groups to fundraise and conduct illegal activities in these countries without being held accountable.

The greatest jab that the Us can currently throw at Iran is by reinstating the strictest oil sanctions possible, since the Iranian economy is heavily dependent on the nation’s oil reserves. Once the nation’s oil sales are impacted, it will be difficult for Iran to continuously fund its terror activities.

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