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Anti-Israel Protestors Made The Traffics Come At A Standstill As They Created Blockades In Important Lanes Like Manhattan Brudge and Several Others

Chaos gripped the New York city

All hell broke loose on the several important transportation lanes in New York City on Thursday, 11 Jan, as hundreds of “Anti-Israel” radicals caused blockades on the road, creating havoc in transportation and communications.

The six groups containing many educated NYU graduates, an artist with millionaire parents and a woman honored by the Obama White House caused disturbances in traffic out of Manhattan on the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges and at the New Jersey-bound lanes of the Holland Tunnel.

Police had reported that many of the protestors came from privileged backgrounds and they belonged to the rich areas of New York City. 

Many privileged people were in on the protest

The protestors had been able to sway Fulbright Scholars, several NYU alums and even a filmmaker from HBO and Netflix to join their cause. After the police arrived at the scene and started arresting people to bring the situation under control.

Many of the people who ended up getting arrested, defended their cause of protest in the social media and they also expressed that the act by the police did nothing to stop their enthusiasm as they will “do it again” in any given opportunity.

Many people who are out of the town also joined the proptestors.Some of these people got arrested and while police were taking down their home address, some even answered that they reside as far as in Florida or Georgia. The protestors took caution by covering their faces while protesting so that their identities are not revealed. 

NYPD tries to calm down the situation 

The NYPD and Port Authority Police Department made more than 300 arrests that day and they had charged all the protesters with charges of disorderly conduct against the administration.

The charges mean that protestors were set free without any bail but they have to show up to the court to defend their actions later this year.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is the man responsible for downgrading or dropping the charges against the protestors but it had been reported by his team that he had not reached to any conclusion yet regarding this topic. 

The extreme measures that the protestors are willing to go 

Naay Iddriis, a 25 year old, had graduated from Columbia and New York University. She was arrested after she coordinated a group of protestors. She had records of protests before this.

She was working in the NYU Bobst Library Mailroon, where she allegedly wrote the derogatory word “f–k” over the word “Israel ” and “Free Palestine ” over a discarded mailbag from Israel. Later, she was sued for this conduct of behavior and she sued the mailroom back as she demanded her job back and stated that it was “protected speech”.

On the unfortunate day, when Hamas terrorists attacked a hospital in Israel, causing the deaths of hundreds of innocent individuals, Naay led a rally in Times Square to celebrate this and announced the massacre as the “beginning of our victory”.

She is only one of the several protests that had snatched away peace from the minds of the law enforcement officials. The uprising in several groups had caused great concerns for the American citizens who became more concerned about their physical safety.

They expressed that the protests could resort to violence if they go overlooked and unpunished for too long. The protests on the lanes had disrupted activities in several traffic lanes and police had to take important measures to get the traffic back on its regular flow. 

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