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Announcement of New State Holiday Leads The Path to Find Unity Amongst Diversity

A new holiday is announced

If you have unquenchable wanderlust and you love to pack your bags up and get out to let the roads take you somewhere at every given opportunity then you might want to add a new state holiday in your planner, if you are a New Yorker. New Yorker State Governor Kathy Hocul had signed a new bill that included the Asian lunar new year as a new national school holiday. So, if you are a parent and you want to enjoy a day off with your kids and celebrate the beauty of diversity and unity then it might be the perfect holiday for you. 

What is Asian lunar new year

In Asian culture the lunar new year signifies the appearance of the first moon in the new year. This tradition is observed in various Asian communities like Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese etc. The new year is celebrated at the transition time from winter to spring, which symbolizes the future venture in growth, warmth and prosperity. The vibrant colors of spring as opposed to cold gray dull colors of winter represent the inspiration to start something new after a long enduring hardship. The streets where the major Asian community resides in New York are often decorated in vibrant red and gold colors, making them look breathtakingly beautiful, just like pages torn out of fairy tales. 

What traditions are followed

The preparation of celebrating the new year starts two weeks before the holiday. The people who participate in the festival start to clean their houses and premises. This cleaning signifies cleanse of the soul before the new year begins and sweeping the houses represents driving all the evil influences away from the households. During the holiday, people in communities get together to host delicious dinner parties and friends and families meet each other to enjoy the holiday in company of each other. In the streets, dramatic dances take place which are adored by the Asian communities. The dancers dress up as lions and dragons and dance to beats, representing the victory of love and kindness over wicked intentions. 

red lanterns

Another tradition is also observed during these festivities. Elders give red envelopes called “hongbao” to children wishing them good health throughout the new year. Families and loved ones give gifts to each other to strengthen their bonds and show their love to one another. This is a festival which signifies a new beginning as well as it pays attention to the rich culture and tradition which is celebrated together by the diverse Asian communities. The families serve massive feasts with delicious dishes filled with flavors and aromas and they sit together to enjoy their meals, be thankful to god for being able to afford healthy foods and and admire the beauty of unity and togetherness. 

Dragon parade

What does this signify 

New York houses vaste amount of Asian communities, most of whom are staying away from their homeland for better job opportunities and education. Celebrating a new holiday that pays respect to such a diverse community creates an inclusive environment where each and everyone gets an opportunity to thrive. This new tradition will open up new ways of the Asian communities being integrated to the larger, more diverse communities and they can feel that they have found a new home away from their home. 

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