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An Apologetic Thief Returns the Stolen Truck with a Unique Gesture: A Note and Toys

The thief who stole the truck from Varun Chada, a Cafe owner in New Zealand, returns it without any damage done to the truck.

Varun Chada was shocked to see his truck stolen just minutes ago, while he was returning to his Cafe to get something. He left the truck running and found it gone in just a few moments.

The Happening

The incident took place on November 14, when he was done with his work. With the help of the neighbour’s security camera, he figured out the theft. He reported the incident to the police and posted about the theft after an hour, mentioning the details about his truck on the Kati Street Facebook page.

However, four days later Chada was confused to see his undamaged Holden Colorado truck parked where it was stolen with a peculiar and strange gesture; an apology note along with toys for his son. He updated the incident on the Facebook page with this unusual theft.

Varun did not take the incident as an offence but a confusing state of mind which is clear from the post made by Kati Street on returning the truck. Laughing emojis were used to explain the confusion it had created.

The Details

The letter was handwritten and had a sense of apology. The thief mentioned he was sorry and wanted a ride home as he was drunk. He referred to his theft as “borrowing” and as a thankful gesture, placed some toys for his son in the back.

The truck was in the same condition it was stolen. except for the license plate and a bit of gasoline that was used, nothing was damaged. It was hard for Chada to keep up with the events as he mentioned his state of confusion over the theft to the New Zealand Herald. He felt like he was losing his mind as he talked about the incident.

Even though the thief had tried to explain and repent his actions by mentioning it in the letter with an apologetic tone, the police, however, were unfazed and were still in search of his whereabouts.

The unexpected events left everyone in the town quite fazed and shocked, as it had never happened before where a thief was apologetic for his theft. More shocking was the fact that it was parked exactly where it was stolen.

A Lesson

The incident with Chada is a warning not to leave the keys in any vehicle as a safety measure. Varun was lucky enough to encounter an honest thief but not everyone has the same luck. It also leads to the matter of intoxication, as the thief was drunk, it morally questions their state of mind. Even though he was unclear of the fact that he was stealing, it still leads to the conclusion that he was guilty and therefore accountable for his actions. People might have different perspectives regarding the incident but from a deeper and inclusive perspective, it questions the human mind and behavior as well as values and morality.

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