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American Elections 2024: New Strategies, New Promises, New ‘United States’

In a recent public appearance, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul addressed the media present during a press conference. Her speech at this conference has left the media and the citizens baffled. In her speech, she addressed several minor issues regarding the New York City, but the three topics that she aggressively discussed were: crime, disorder, and costs. Throughout the speech, she was seen carrying an aggressive stance which did not sit well with a lot of viewers.

She even went ahead and said that she can actually understand where the public sentiment of the “sun setting on the Empire State” stems from. The increasing crime rate in the city, combined with a never-ending economic strain on the city has diminished the light of America’s brightest city.

The ‘New’ New York City 

A lot of political experts, observers, and analysts have called Hochul’s behavior “risky.” A common knowledge that is distributed to every political leader/representative is that voters expect positive encouragement from political leaders, but Hochul’s confession of New York City losing its charm has not only further deepened the insecurity of the citizens regarding the city’s future, but it has also indirectly, portrayed Hochul as a failed representative, something that can affect her political career severely.

According to a recently conducted poll, 59% of New Yorkers think that ever since Hochul came to power, the quality of life in the city has progressively worsened. Hochul was quoted saying: “Safety at the grocery store, the synagogue, the subway is always top of mind.” She also acknowledged the existence of “thieves” in the city, who target and harass the hard-working, honest working class. She labeled the rise of petty crimes in the city as “a breakdown of the social order.”

When it came to costs, the governor said that the “drying up” of the federal pandemic funds has left the city under a heavy financial strain. Even though she said that the city cannot spend money that they don’t have, no official mention was made of the influx of immigrants into the city, something that continues to cause additional financial burden to the city. The only thing regarding illegal migrants that Hochul had to say was that this would be an issue that her and her party would keep in mind for future discussions.

Although no new developmental projects were announced by the governor, she did address the recent double-digit increases in the field of education and health care spending.

Immigration, Crime, and Economic Instability

On combating petty crimes that have riddled the city, she promised the implementation of a state-police unit that will exclusively work to track down and eliminate organized crime rings that are known to commit petty crimes like shoplifting across various established businesses in the city.

Hochul also addressed the topic of mental health and announced the establishment of 1000 psychiatric beds, in addition to putting a stop on releasing admitted individuals prematurely, only to have some commit crimes. Although she discussed all of the aforementioned topics in her speech, no mention was made about reforming the state’s 2019 discovery laws, under which district attorneys are forced to devote more time and resources to prosecuting even the most mundane crimes.

Hochul said nothing about reforming the state’s 2019-era discovery laws, which force district attorneys to devote more resources to prosecuting even the most routine crimes. As America gears up for its next set of elections, the left, who openly showed their support to Hamas, are slowly being inched out of power, and Hochul’s aggressive stance shows that she, and the left, know it too.

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