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Ahead of NH primary, most Republicans would be satisfied with Trump as nominee: POLL

Trump’s convincing victory after Iowa caucuses

The Iowa caucuses marked a convincing victory for Trump. This portrayed his continued strength among Republicans. As seen in the Ipsos polls, Trump is viewed nationwide as the candidate whom Republicans and Republican-leaning independents would be most contended with Trump being the 2024 nominee. He is the highest-rated contender amongst the others.

If Trump is the 2024 GOP nominee, three out of four Republican-leaning adults will be satisfied with it. However, 64% said the same about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and 50% support former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. They are Trump’s two remaining rivals in the nominating race.

74% of evangelicals or born-again Christians for Trump

The evangelical or born-again Christian voters in the state are leaning more to Trump’s side as seen in the Iowa polls. The poll even indicated that 74% of evangelicals or born-again Christians are somewhat or very satisfied with Trump. His ratings are stronger than Haley and DeSantis.

Trump has defeated the other candidates by historic margins. He has won 51% of the votes and Haley is hoping to eat into Trump’s margin of victory to fuel her campaign on Tuesday. DeSantis came in second followed by Haley.

Haley and DeSantis have insisted that their showings in Iowa prove there is an appetite among the GOP for a candidate other than Trump. The caucusgoers indeed vote for someone who is not Trump.

Republicans and GOP leaners supporting Trump

Republicans and GOP leaners have marked Trump as someone with strong personal values, the strongest leader, and who understands problems the best. In short, he is the best-qualified candidate.

Trump maintains a higher favourability rating as compared to his opponents. 72% of people have a more favorable impression of him than the other candidates. 63% prefer DeSantis and only 49% are in favour of Haley. These numbers are quite similar to the ones right before the caucuses.

Donald Trump, the former President is largely considered the front-runner in New Hampshire’s fast-approaching contest. However, Haley had to be the one who has cut into his lead considerably since the fall. As seen in the 538’s polling average she currently trails Trump in the state by about 13 points, 45.6-33.1%. However, in early November Trump dominated the field as he led by about 30 points.

Hayley and New Hampshire

Haley’s boost was seen after her well-received debate. Also, after the local key endorsement that was held in December Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire supported Haley over his friend Gov. Chris Christie.

New Hampshire is pretty important to her and that can be seen in her campaign’s finances as she spent more than $26 million for ads between her official campaign organization and her allied super PAC.

Her ground game is also extremely strong as she spent almost 35 days on the ground. She even has held more than 50 events with voters.

Trump gave a speech on Monday evening in which Trump made it clear that he believes that GOP voters’ devotion in New Hampshire is strong enough to maintain his lead.

“So it’s now off to New Hampshire, a great place … they’re embarrassed by what’s going on. Our country is laughed at all over the world and laughing at us,” he said. “And they want our country to come back.”

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