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Actress Sydney Sweeney Opens Up About the Controversial Hot Tub Scene in Euphoria Season 2

Actress Sydney Sweeney, who gained immense popularity after featuring on the sensational show “Euphoria,” recently appeared for an interview on First We Feast’s “Hot Ones.” During this interview, the actress appeared to be very candid as she talked about her upcoming movie “Madame Web,” her favorite movie theatre snacks, and her controversial hot tub scene on “Euphoria” season 2.

For anyone who is unaware, Sweeney plays the role of Cassie on the show. The hot tub scene in question is from “Euphoria” season 2, where Cassie is in the pool with her best friend Maddy (who is played by Alexa Demie), and Maddy’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Nate (who is played by Jacob Elordi).

Behind the Scenes of the Hot Tub Scene 

While all of them are in the hot tub, Nate and Maddy get into a full-blown argument. Cassie, who has been secretly dating Nate (despite knowing the abusive history of him and Maddy), is filled with guilt of betraying her friend. Her guilt, in addition to the drinking she had been doing previously, leads up to her throwing up in the hot tub water.

During the interview with “Hot Ones”, Sweeney revealed the backstory of how they had filmed that scene. Sweeney stated that the show’s crew had arranged for a pump which would make sure that the entire pool was filled with vomit. The crew had also attached a pipe to Sweeney’s body (which was obviously hidden from the camera), which was further CGI’d up to her neck.

Once that was settled, Sweeney’s mouth was filled with “throw-up” before the crew began filming the scene. Once the cameras started rolling, all Sweeney had to do was open her mouth and the “vomit” just started shooting out of her mouth. Sweeney ended her comment saying that “it was the most disgusting thing” she’d ever experienced.

The “Cassie Journal”

“Hot Ones” host Sean also asked Sweeney about her preparation process of writing 100-page journals from the perspective of the character she is hired to play. Sweeney confirmed that although she had done this preparation process for almost all the characters she has played in her entire career, Cassie’s journal is the journal she pledged allegiance to.

Sweeney explained that the reason behind this preference was because not only was Cassie a complex character with her own set of “teen problems,” Sweeney, as an actor, had spent a lot of time with Cassie’s character. She ended her comment by stating that she was excited to see how “Cassie’s book” would develop in the future.

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