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Actress Ashley Park Addresses Fans After Having Severe Health Scare Earlier This Month

Actress Ashley Park, who gained immense fame after being a part of the famous Hollywood film “Emily in Paris,” was recently hospitalized due to suffering an unexpected septic shock. The actress, who has now been discharged from medical care, is back in Paris as she continues to recover.

Now, almost an entire week from her hospitalization, the actress shared an update on her health on January 28th. In this public update, Park revealed that she had to be urgently hospitalized after contracting tonsillitis which had furthered spiraled into a critical septic shock.

Wishes and Recovery 

In her Instagram post, the actress expressed immense gratitude for all the well-wishes that were sent her way. In that post, she expressed how all the personal stories of sepsis and hospitalization that people from all over the world shared with her during her recovery, had helped her immensely. In addition to this, she also acknowledged all the people who “reached out with love” and helped her sail during these tough times.

In this post, the 32-year-old actress also apologized to her fans and all of her loved ones for giving out a “delayed response” regarding her health. No major updates were given to the public after it was revealed that the actress is hospitalized.

It was after a week since her hospitalization, that the actress herself updated her fans through her Instagram account. In this update, she expressed that she was “medically cleared to fly” after responding positively to all the required treatments.

Emily Recovering in Paris 

In addition to this, the actress also revealed that once she was discharged from the hospital, she was welcomed in the city of Paris with an “incredibly warm welcome” from her loved ones and her “Emily in Paris fam.”

The actress also shared some photos on her Instagram handle. These photos showed several bouquets of flowers inside her hospital room, in addition to a semi-completed jigsaw puzzle and a bowl of oatmeal with fruit lying next to an oil pastel sketch pad.

The other photos showed the actress’s leg bearing several acupuncture needles, and an image of herself and co-star Lily Collins hugging each other while sitting on a couch.

Collins, who portrayed the main character in “Emily in Paris,” captioned the photo saying: “Couldn’t love you more and hugging you made me feel like home. You’re an absolute light sister.” Park’s fans across the world took to social media to extend their well-wishes to the actress.

According to various media reports and social media reports that are currently being circulated around, the actress is “recovering fast and well.”

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