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Abbott Opposes Biden Administration, Questioning The Newer Approach Towards “Non-Americans”

Abbott speaks

Abbott made explosive comments about the recent changes in Biden Administration’s law towards aiding the immigrants at the border area stirred restlessness in the common public. Abbott presented his speech in front of a wall of Texas Department of Public Safety vehicles parked near the banks of the Rio Grande in Mission on Tuesday. In his speech he came forth with an opposing point which blamed the responsible Government for its indifference about the American citizens as they continue to aid the non-Americans. He declared that the border is in severe crisis and the new law softening towards the immigrants actually increased the number of smuggled cartels and humans. 

Opposing the Biden Administration

As Abbott continues to put his point in front of the public eye, the Biden Administration is visibly struggling with the sudden influx of undocumented immigrants seeking a “life” in America. Abott blamed the new law which took a much softer approach to the treatment of these newcomers as opposed to the hardline approach practiced previously by the American Government. The immigrants coming from other countries are commanding that the US government should provide them with proper resources to start a new life here and meeting everybody’s commands are turning out to be challenging. 

What the Government says

To defend their strategy, White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki said that every human life is valuable to the Government. She stated that the authority had decided to take a softer approach considering the poor and homeless people, especially the unaccompanied minors. She believed that these helpless minors needed the government to guide them to proper resources so that they could have a family and a life here. She also added that each of these minors have a claim to a better life and better opportunities. 

As opposition, Abbott had stated that the government was being superficial about the entire approach. According to him, the newer approach is only helping the opportunists and criminals rather than unaccompanied minors. He said that the criminals are targeting these vulnerable people without proper security as their potential victims and these immigrants are much more susceptible towards selfish usage and manipulation by the criminals. He had talked the Public Safety Department to deploy enough resources so that the border areas are properly guarded to resist any crime or acts of terrorism. 

Is it a curtain that covers the actual truth

Some of the political leaders who are opposing Abbott mentioned that Abbott is trying to create a distraction with such speech because he was unable to protect people placed under his responsibility. Recently a severe snowstorm hit the States and it left multiple lives endangered and several public and personal property demolished. They believed that Abbott is unable to hide the massive number of casualties that he is facing and that is why he is trying to create issues out of the blue. 

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