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A Political Humor Turned into a Reality Check for the Upcoming 2025 Mayoral Elections: A Report by Hell Gate

There has been a political shift for the upcoming mayoral election 2025 in New York City as a third candidate has yet to be revealed for the mayoral elections as reported by the Hell Gate.

The current mayor of New York Eric Adams and ex-governor Andrew Cuomo have been the two candidates for the upcoming mayoral elections both having their share of mis happenings in the past.

Eric Adams’s governing has lost the support of the New Yorkers as his approval ratings continue to drop whereas Andrew Cuomo has been charged with sexual harassment allegations in the past questioning their stand for the elections.

Dull response to their electoral run

The public is rather unexcited for the two candidates.

Andrew Cuomo who has served as the 56th governor of New York from 2011-2021, has been subject to various sexual harassment cases since December 2020. Though he denied the allegations, he apologized for his seemingly sexual comments. However, in 2021, New York Attorney General Letitia James hired a law firm to investigate the allegations charged against him.

The allegations were officially investigated on March 11 by the New York State Assembly. Upon investigating, the officials revealed he had sexually assaulted 11 women during his tenure. This led to his resignation from the office replaced by Kathy Hochul.

On the other hand, Eric Adams has been facing a migration crisis and the public believes he has failed to handle the situation along with investigations underway regarding his 2021 election campaign. A joint investigation is underway by the FBI and the New York City prosecutors regarding his illegal foreign donations along with his suspicious relations with the Turkish officials. A majority of the voters believe that he should resign from his position according to the report by the political consulting firm Slingshot Strategies.

Cuomo has taken advantage of Adams’s falling support and has stood up for the elections despite his controversial history, but the public is not happy. This is where the Hell Gate stepped in with their Jan 5 article, giving the voters a hint of a third candidate for the chaotic 2025 mayoral elections.

The Article

The ongoing electoral tension led the Hell Gate to conduct a survey of New Yorkers in a rather amusing way. They described the possible third candidate as Flaco the Eurasian eagle-owl and took the streets of New York with a paper mentioning the three candidates.

The survey was conducted in the later week of December and asked the question, “Which of these three public figures is the most favorable to you: Mayor Eric Adams, former Governor Andrew Cuomo, or Flaco the Eurasian eagle-owl?” with their pictures along.

95.7% voted for Flaco while only 4.3% chose Adams and 0% Cuomo depicting the upcoming scenario of the elections. One of the respondents, who said he was an NYPD employee, described the two men as horrible, calling Flaco “He’s the man.”

Even though the initiative was a humorous one, it clarified one thing, people did not want the two as their mayor and were rather happy to choose a bird than choosing either of the two. It also gave a plausible hint of a third candidate for the mayoral elections in 2025 which for now remains a mystery.

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