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A Nation Who Prefers Immigrants Over Veterans: The Democrats Come Under Heat After Governor Murphy Extends Financial Aid to Illegal Immigrants

Migrants surrender to US Border Patrol agents at the US-Mexico border before the lifting of Title 42 in Yuma, Arizona, US, on Thursday, May 11, 2023. President Joe Biden warned of tumultuous conditions at the US-Mexico border after pandemic-era immigration restrictions are lifted tonight. Photographer: Eric Thayer/Bloomberg

According to official political records available to media houses, Gov. Phil Murphy spent a total of $87.8 million on immigrants who didn’t qualify for American government’s COVID relief programs because they were either undocumented citizens of the US, or they failed to show their social security numbers.

In response to this, Assembly Republican Leader John DiMaio compared these numbers, to the meagre economic help provided by the government for the country’s veterans, reducing violent crime and, housing discrimination. DiMario publicly stated that Governor Murphy didn’t need any legislative approval for carrying out this spending (under the fiscal year 2024 appropriations act), and instead of spending it on the veterans who fought for their nation or using it to make sure housing needs of the country’s citizens are fulfilled, he spent it away on illegal immigrants.

Murphy is, on record, planning to spend $50.8 million to provide direct cash assistance to people without social security numbers, and an additional $37 million for people in the Excluded New Jerseyans fund, who were not allowed to access COVID relief benefits since they were either undocumented, convicted felons, or individuals who did not legally qualify for the packages for any specific reason.

On the other hand, the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs will receive approximately $5 million to provide in aid in procuring a contractor to provide oversight and management support at the state memorial homes, in accordance with the notice dispatched to lawmakers recently. The department is also set to receive $4 million to hire an architectural and engineering firm and make improvements to improve the infection control facilities at Menlo Park and Paramus Veterans Memorial Homes.

DiMaio publicly criticized Murphy’s move, stating that the nation’s veterans should be the nation’s priority instead of unrecognized, illegal immigrants. He further commented that if the nation’s veterans are deprived of basic necessities like soap, deodorant, and sweatpants, while they are under the state’s care, then this is something that should be reflected upon. He specifically spoke about how the conditions of veteran homes under Murphy’s legislation were labelled as unconstitutional, while the political leader is busy looking after immigrants.

Immigrants: An Arena for Politics

On September 7th, 2023, the US Department of Justice released a baffling report detailing the inadequate infection control methods and medical care that were implemented during the COVID pandemic at Menlo Park and Paramus veteran homes. During the investigation, it was revealed that state has continued to provide “unconstitutionally deficient care” at the veteran homes.

The State Commission of Investigation also released a second report, stating that officials who were in charge of looking after the veteran homes were taken off balance by the sudden pandemic. The pandemic caused a huge deficit of employees, which further lead to the negligence of the veteran homes.

The release of these reports caused a stir within the political and social arena, with the Democrats taking the heat for Murphy’s decision as a leader. DiMaio also targeted the Democrat Party, highlighting how Murphy was allowed to spend over $300 million as a governor, without any supervision or legislation approval.

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