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“A Country For All”: Senator Rick Scott Targets Biden Administration For Housing Refugees At the Cost of an ‘Open Border’

The Biden administration is yet again under fire for being “lawless” by allowing the existence of an “open” border. These words come from Florida Senator Rick Scott, who, in his statement against the Biden administration, also targeted Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats for not holding the Biden administration accountable and acting as the President’s “little robots.”

In an interview on 77 WABC radio’s “The Cats Roundtable” with host John Catsimatidis, Scott criticized Biden’s decision to have an open border as lawless. He went ahead to say that by envisioning an open border, Biden is extending an invite to “terrorists and criminals” to enter the United States of America and jeopardize the country’s internal security.

An ‘Open’ Threat

Scott, a Republican who is running for re-election this fall, targeted the current government as the United States recorded a significant hike in the number of migrants who crossed the US border under Biden administration.

According to official government records, majority of these migrants crossed the US border from the southern border shared with Mexico, and found refuge in New York City, and various other urban locales.

Over the years, the rampant increase in the population of these migrants, caused an inescapable financial strain on local authorities since they were now tasked with providing these migrants with basic human necessities like food and shelter.

Immigration: Republicans VS Democrats 

At the beginning of the 2024 session, both the Senate and the House are set to discuss border security, in addition to the funds that the US is sending to the two war stricken nations, Ukraine and Israel. The Republicans have been very vocal about not releasing aid to foreign countries without having a deal to tighten border security.

Scott, who was previously elected as governor for the state of Florida, stated in his interview that Schumer and the Democrats are “carrying Biden’s water” instead of ensuring that the borders of the country are secure. He also went ahead and said that instead of functioning like a political party, Schumer has the Democrats do everything that President Biden wants, even if it goes against the laws of the country.

The Senator also criticized the constant funding that the United States carries for foreign countries, by keeping the security of their own border on the sideline. The Senator voiced his opinion of having a secure border before spending any money on either the federal government, or on foreign aids.

Scott concluded his statement by saying that the country needs a government who enforces the existing law instead of making new ones.

Through this interview, Scott also took a dig at Mayor Eric Adams. He highlighted how the Mayor, along with other government officials, boasted that New York City is a haven for all individuals who are wandering around, searching for refuge. But when it came to providing for these “wandering individuals,” they, as government officials, failed to step up to the required level.

The Republicans and The Democrats have been known to stand on two different extremes of the scale when it comes to tolerating the presence of migrants in the United States.

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