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8 People Found Dead in Two Separate Illinois Homes, Police Hunt for ‘Armed and Dangerous’ Suspect After

Man suspected of shooting 8 people, shot himself

The man who was suspected of shooting and killing eight people in suburban Chicago is believed to have shot himself after a confrontation with law enforcement as told by the officials in Texas and reported by the police late Monday.

Police in Joliet, Illinois, posted about this on Facebook at about 8:30 p.m. Central time. It reported that a 23-year-old Romeo Nance was located by U.S. Marshals near Natalia, Texas. It was revealed that had Nance shot himself after a confrontation.

The suspect shot himself during a confrontation

Nance was confronted as he was suspected of fatally shooting eight people at three locations in the Chicago suburbs. It sparked a search that left neighbors on edge earlier Monday. The police officials warned he was still on the loose and might be armed and pose danger.

The motive for the killings is still unknown to the police in Will County in Illinois and Joliet. However, they said Nance knew his victims. The local police are being assisted by the FBI’s fugitive task force in the search for the suspect, Joliet Police Chief, William Evans, said.

Authorities told reporters at a news conference that took place earlier Monday evening that the victims were found Sunday and Monday at three separate residences.


Victims were found two days apart

The first victim was found Sunday in a home in Will County. The other seven were found Monday at two houses on the same block in Joliet. They are located about 9.6km northwest of the scene that the police discovered first.

Nance was suspected to be connected to another shooting in Joliet that wounded a man on Sunday but the authorities would not discuss the evidence.

Deputies had been staking out one of the houses since Sunday evening.  There was a possibility that Nance, the suspect in the first fatal shooting they discovered, returned to them. Moreover, Nance’s last known address was one of the homes where the killing took place, police said.

After a long time of waiting, no one showed up. This was the final call for deputies to finally go to the door of one of the houses. When no one answered, they crossed the street to the other house, which was linked to the first house, and that is where found the first bodies. Five bodies were discovered in one house and other two bodies were found in the other house.


Relation between the suspect and the victims not been found out yet

No one has any idea yet of how long the people in the houses had been dead. All the victims found on Monday in the houses were family members. It is not clear whether the family members were also the family of the shooter, but he for sure knew them.

Teresa Smart resides about a block away from where seven of the victims were found. She has been living in fear since Monday night. She keeps checking her doors and windows as she is worried for her family members.

The Joliet Police had been working hard to find Nance and investigating the dead people found. Even the images of a vehicle were posted on Facebook that was identified as a red Toyota Camry.

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