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8 ACOTAR Characters Who Need Significant Character Development in The Hulu Adoption

The Hulu adoption of A Court of Thorns and Roses has created buzz amongst the fans who love reading “romantasy” novels. The readers are eagerly waiting to see their favorite characters come to life as the excitement bubbles in their mind.

The fans hope to see more fleshed out characters in the series. The ACOTAR writer has a habit of sending some fan favorite characters on long journeys which take them off from the limelight. Fans would love to see their favorite characters getting more screen time than they got in the books.



Lucien is one of the most interesting and intriguing characters of the novel series. Although the novel mostly covers the journey of Feyre and Rhysand as they are the protagonists, the friendship between Lucien and Feyre should have gotten more attention in the book.

The conflict that arose within them when Feyre decided to leave Tamlin and how they later talked it out would require a significant amount of screen time. 


Azriel is generally described as a very silent character who does not love to be the center of attention more than often. Still his character would be very interesting to explore on screen. Other than his unrequited love for another character, readers would love to see some ventures of creators to this character’s individuality. 


Morrigan is known to be a strong female presence in Feyre’s life. She is also an important part of the inner circle. She is a fan favorite character but often she is sent on long adventures by the writer where the reader can not follow her.

Her inner turmoil and strong character would make her a beautiful character to be portrayed. She is also supposedly bisexual, which would give a much needed LGBTQ+ representation on the OTT platform.


Elain is Feyre’s sister and she was not paid much attention in the ongoing novel series. She is supposed to have a novel on her own but creators can take creative initiatives to make her character more substantial on screen.

The amount of powers she holds and how that creates conflicts for her would make interesting scenes for the audience.


Nesta gets more attention and page time on the novel than her sister Elain but her character may seem underdeveloped in the books from time to time.

Nesta can come off as an unreasonably irritated person as her dealings with her traumas are not explored enough in the books. The audience would love to see her backstory explored more and more.

Mr. Archeron:

This character was a father to Feyre, Nesta and Elain and shared a complicated connection with his own daughters. He had abandoned his daughters as he had a tragic backstory.

In the books the dynamics between him and his daughters were not very clear. Being mostly absent from the series, his death was also not very impactful. It would be lovely to see why he was the way he was with his daughters on screen. 


Tamlin’s descent into evilness was not portrayed gradually in the books. His villain arc was not taken care of and his sudden change of mind seems very unlikely and put together at the last moment. The series should give this character more time to set the groundwork for his villain era.


Feyre gets the most attention in the novel and arguably has the most interesting character development. Still, the portrayal of her character in the books are flawed sometimes. The novel does not take a deep dive in her past traumas which sometimes invalidates her actions and how much her traumas bothered her. The series can devise a plan to fix that aspect.

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