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40 Year Old Woman Got Assaulted By Fellow Male Passenger On A Subway Ride

Women’s safety faces questions, again

Today, in most of the major cities around the world, the violence and crime against women are increasing at an alarming rate day by day and it presents a growing concern for law enforcement officials. Another incident was added to the list in New York City as a woman got physically assaulted during her ride on a subway near Wall Street, Manhattan. This unfortunate incident indicates that women are still considered as defenseless easy victims by potential criminals and society in general. The horror of the situation astonished the onlookers and present passengers of the subway.

Description of the incident

On Monday, at around 2:25 pm, the 40-year-old victim was traveling via a northbound subway train. During this journey, she got into an argument with the co-passenger, a 30-something male. It remains unclear whether the victim personally knew the accused or not. Eye-witnesses stated that the argument quickly escalated and before anybody could understand anything the male passenger grabbed the victim by her neck and violently thrashed her on the side wall of the train. The other passengers quickly took action to prevent the situation from worsening any further and they stopped the assaulting passenger forcibly. As passengers paid attention to the victim to assess her condition, the accused fled the scene.

The alleged man

Aftermath of the incident

After getting off at the nearby train station, the victim was taken to a medical center for a checkup. She sustained some scratches and bruises from the assault. Fortunately, her injuries were not serious and the victim denied any further medical assistance when she was offered. She was taken to the New York Police Department to lodge an assault case against her co-passenger. Police interrogated the victim thoroughly to get to know about the details of the physical appearance of the accused in question. The reason for the argument is still not disclosed publicly by the police.

Where is the investigation standing?

The officers are trying to know the whereabouts of the accused by checking the CCTV footage and surveillance camera footage. Till now, no interesting developments have been reported. Police had questioned the witnesses to delve deeper into the investigation. The assaulter was a lone passenger and his identity is yet to be discovered. Police had told the nearby rail stations to stay alert and the station officials and common people were urged to come forward with any kind of information they could provide about the accused man.
Such an incident again questioned the actual level of women’s safety in public transportation. In major cities, most of the harassment cases take place when the victim is traveling by public transportation. Authorities should be concerned about this and they should devise proper strategies to prevent such crimes from happening they should ensure the utmost safety of the women who need to travel via various modes of public transportation daily. By preserving the safety of women, authorities can make sure that women can thrive to their best potential without fearing getting assaulted or molested.

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