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3-year-old Paralyzed After Choking on a Gummy Dot Candy

A 3-year-old paralyzed by a piece of candy

A lawsuit has been filed by a family residing in Philadelphia after their toddler was left paralyzed by a candy. According to the reports, their toddler choked on a gummy bear of the brand Candy Land and had a paralyzing attack.

The lawsuit was filed on 28 December. The situation unfolded as the 3-year-old girl, Amelie Parades Sotelo of California, consumed a Candy Land Gummy Dot and began to choke on the piece of sweet. The candy became an extraordinarily sticky mass, her airway got blocked after the gummy was chewed upon and when she attempted to swallow it, her airway got blocked. The child suffered from a prolonged lack of oxygen which led to irreversible brain damage which led to her getting paralyzed. She can not speak or swallow on her own now.

Poor manufacturing of the product

The candy is a product of Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company Inc., Frankford Candy LLC, and toy giant Hasbro. The companies have been accused of product liability, failure to warn, negligence, and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The 3-year-old went through spastic quadriplegia, permanent brain damage, neurogenic bladder disorder requiring daily catheterization, and neurogenic bowel requiring daily suppositories. More than $50,000 has been demanded from the company for the child’s injuries and suffering.

The incident unfolded on 13 December 2022. After the child consumed the gummy dot, one of her parents noticed that she was choking on it. Many tries were made for the kid to spit out the gummy, but no one was able to dislodge the mass from her throat. Hence. She was taken to the local hospital and a suction method was used to remove the piece of sweet. The lack of oxygen was for such a huge duration that her hypoxia got severely damaged.

Lawsuit has been filed

The family’s attorney gave a statement that represent how the simple piece of candy, something that is made for children mainly, ruined the life of an innocent toddler. It states “These candies were a ticking time bomb. We will pursue justice for this innocent little girl who was once a vibrant and thriving child but is now permanently disabled, unable to speak, unable to swallow, and unable to move, for the rest of her life. It is shocking that this level of brain damage is caused by just one single piece of this dangerous gel candy.”

The Frankford Candy & Chocolate designed the Gummy Dot candies “negligently, recklessly, and defectively” as written in the documents obtained by Law & Crime. Their extreme stickiness and inability to adequately break down from the introduction of the enzymes in the human saliva is a huge violation in the production of food.

Further in the documents, it was noted that according to the doctors who treated the little girl, the product was difficult to clear out from her throat due to its excessive stickiness and lack of pliability. Moreover, the packaging of the candy had no choking hazard signs or any kind of safety mentioned.

In conclusion, the lawsuit pursued more than $50,000 for all the injuries that the little girl had to bear, the permanent brain damage and loss of a normal life ahead, along with neurogenic bladder disorder which requires daily catheterization, and neurogenic bowel requiring daily suppositories. Also, its manufacturing should be changed or stopped altogether so that more innocent toddlers do not have to suffer because of the candy.

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