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16-year-old Hidden at the House of her 31-year-old Abductor

Disappearance of a 16-year-old Minor

A 16-year-old teenage girl disappeared from her home state Ohio, whose name has not been disclosed. She was abducted by a pedophile creep. The investigators had been searching for her for a few days. Major Crimes Detective Henrik Osthed, of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, was asked to get involved in the case of the missing teenager. He was requested by a special agent in the FBI to accompany them in the investigation of finding the underage girl as soon as possible.

World of Warcraft – the Acquaintance

Investigators had gathered all the information about the 16-year-old and were on their heels to find any kind of evidence to bring her home. The teenager used to play a game called World of Warcraft. They noticed that her game’s account had been logged into from a property located on Shorewood Drive which is in Dunnellon. The property belonged to a 31-year-old man identified as Thomas Ebersole.  When they investigated further, they noticed that on the same day another World of Warcraft account had been accessed which belonged to Ebersole. Hence, law enforcement was prompted to contact the owner of the property.


Both planned on getting married

A Marion County Sheriff stated that when Ebersole was initially questioned about the victim residing in his house, he denied having any knowledge about her. However, after a thorough interrogation, he admitted that he was the one who brought her to his home. He explained how he drove to Ohio to meet the teenager. Hence, he brought her to Florida to his home after she agreed to do so. Ebersole further told the police that he had a romantic relationship with the underage girl. He even planned on marrying her and for the time being, he planned on hiding her in his home.

Discord acted as a messenger

The pedophile and the victim used to exchange messages on the internet-based messaging site Discord. Ebersole provided the police with the messages that were sent back and forth. Hence, the conversations between them encouraged him to meet the teenager. He knew that he was committing the crime because the girl was a teenager, yet he decided to engage sexually with her.

HuffPost obtained an arrest affidavit against the criminal, stating that he has visible hickeys on his neck, which were given to him by the girl. The teenager agreed to give Ebersole the inappropriate bruises. Such acts are abnormal, overly sexual, and violent between a teenager and an adult.

The messages that they exchanged on Discord were cited in the court document. The document revealed that the two had addressed each other through pet names along with being romantic with each other. Such messages between an adult and a teenager are extremely inappropriate and a crime. After Ebersole’s confession about being involved with an underage girl, the 31-year-old was arrested. He was moved to the Marion County Jail on 4 January, Thursday.

The abductor has been charged with traveling to meet a minor to engage in sexual activity, interfering with child custody, and sheltering an unmarried minor.

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