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$10,000 Reward Was Announced By FBI For Sharing Any Information About The Missing Person

Woman remains missing since 2017

A missing woman case that has not been solved since 2017 is still creating struggles for the FBI police department. Police department had reached out to the common public to help them locate the missing woman. They had published the missing person information on social media to gain more reach regarding the news and alert people in case they come across this person anywhere. FBI had announced a reward of $10,000 to anyone who would be able to share any info regardong the missing woman of the Hudson Valley.

Last known location of Harris

The woman, named Shaniece Harris, was last seen on 29 th May of 2017, at around 8:30 pm driving a card. The car she had been driving was a 2007 dark gray, Volkswagen Jetta, 4 door sedan, with tinted windows and a New York State License Plate HMX2644. The car was later found by the police abandoned on SouthWoods Drive in the town of Thompson with no sign of Harris in it. 

Description of appearance

The police had described her appearance in detail in the posts. She had a tattoo on her right forehand that reads “Sparkz” and a tattoo on her left arm of hands folded in prayer that reads “Rest in Peace.” She was wearing a black and gray hooded sweatshirt with 4 pockets, black sweatpants and black Nike Air Max sneakers when she last appeared in the public eye. Her last location was said to be at Rock Hill. 

Missing person

Family is losing hope

She had not been seen or heard after 29 th May. Harris’ families and loved ones were growing concerned day by day, losing any ray of hope with getting their daughter back alive or unharmed. Police had been investigating for a long time as they combed through all the surveillance footage of the surrounding areas. Later they broadened their search in adjacent areas too. 

Police officers are still figuring out 

Police had stated that Harris was a regular visitor in Sullivan and Orange counties. She used to hang out in areas of Middletown and Monticello. Police had interrogated everybody who shared any familiarity with the woman but all their efforts only led to a dead end. They had begun searching in surrounding hospitals and morgues too, to try to locate the missing woman in case she got herself into any unfortunate accident. 

Community supports the grieving family

The law enforcement officials and the neighbors of the affected family are sharing deep condolences with the family in this moment of grief. The neighbors had been mentally supporting the loved ones and encouraging them constantly to stay strong. They are unitedly praying for Harris to be in good health and to return home to her family soon. 

FBI notice 

The FBI had published a notice that stated,”Anyone with information about Shaniece Harris, or what may have happened to her, is asked to call the FBI New York Office at (212) 384-1000. You may also contact your local FBI office, the nearest American Embassy or Consulate, or you can submit a tip online at”. FBI hopes that the publicity of the notice reached the right audience and soon someone contacts them with the whereabouts of the mission  person. 

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