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10 Minor Characters Who Make The Harry Potter Franchise More Detailed

The Harry Potter film adoption is centered around our hero Harry Potter and his two best friends Ron and Hermione. The series of films follows them as they navigate their exposure to the wizarding world and an impending threat of an evil sorcerer throughout their journey.

As we enjoy seeing our heroes on the screen, the magical universe created by J.K. Rowling also has many interesting minor characters with significant background stories. 

Argus Filch:

Argus Filch is supposedly a squib which means he was born into a wizarding family but he was not blessed with any magical powers.

Filch is a character who holds the same position as Hagrid as he mostly takes care of the students and always keeps an eye so that none of the little wizards or witches create any nuisance in the hallway. He comes off as a bitter character whom most children fears and he only has love for his pet cat names Mrs. Norris.

Colin Creevey:

Colin Creevey is an enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky character. He was more than aware of the celebrity-like status that Harry held in Hogwarts and he was probably one of his biggest cheerleaders.

He always carried a huge camera with him so that he could take photos of Harry. Harry was unsure about how to treat him as he only saw himself as one of the many wizarding students at Hogwarts.

Oliver Wood:

Oliver Wood was appointed as the captain of Team Gryffindor in Quidditch when Harry was suggested by Professor Mcgonagall.

Harry turned out to be a naturally talented seeker and Oliver taught him every hook and nook of the game. He led the team and protected Harry several times from their opponents while they were playing any match on the field.


Buckbeak was a magical beast who got introduced to the class of wizards and witches by Hargrid. Although Hagrid was swooning over the creature, the creature in question was less than amused to meet the new students.

However, Harry immediately managed to bond with the hippogriff as it took him on his back and together they explored the beauty of Hogwarts from the sky. Buckbeak getting executed was one of the saddest scenes. Hermione later manipulated time and space to save the beautiful beast.

Madam Pomfrey:

She was a nurse and caretaker of the hospital wing of Hogwarts. With Voldemort’s return to the school grounds every year, Madam Pomfrey was kept busy in doing what she does the best. She is portrayed as a sweet and caring lady. She knows her duty well and she helped a lot during the final battle at Hogwarts.

Headless Nick:

Headless Nick is one of the ghosts residing in the hallways of Hogwarts. The headless Nick got a tragic backstory. His ability to completely separate his head from his neck gives him his unique name. He was a fairly goofy ghost who liked to scare the little children with his ability.


Errol is that one unfortunate owl who, like us mere muggles, does not quite understand the message delivery system. He is not competent enough like Harry’s owl and often gets distracted from his job. The Weasley family is old and definitely wants a retirement as it often flies and crashes into wrong places. 

Viktor Krum:

Viktor Krum was a capable young man who came to visit Hogwarts during the Triwizard tournament. He represented his school bravely and he was also the official seeker of the Bulgarian National Quidditch team at the age of 18. He was the reason why Ron felt a pang of jealousy as his love interest Hermione dated Viktor for a short span of time.

Rita Skeeter:

Rita is a gossip loving journalist. In the film it was her sole purpose to make Harry;s private life public. She was sent to Hogwarts to cover the Triwizard Tournament. Her ethical values regarding journalism is questionable as she would write anything that makes for a juicy topic for the readers of the Daily Prophet. 

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